A Brief History of the Marshall Islands as a Member of the Trust Territory

In the sixteenth century Spain laid claim to the Marshall Islands and later sold it to the Germans during the Spanish-American war in 1898. Japan captured the Marshall Islands from Germany during World War I and later lost it to the United States during World War II.

Under a 1947 Trusteeship Agreement with the United Nations, the United States administered the Marshall Islands and other Micronesian countries. Under the Trusteeship Agreement the United States assumed the obligation to foster the development of political institutions such as suited for member countries of the Trust Territory.

The United States was tasked with promoting the development of the inhabitants of the Trust Territory towards independence according to the wishes of the peoples concerned. A bicameral Congress of Micronesia was established in 1964 of which the Marshall Islands was a part.

Brief Overview of Political Development in the Republic of the Marshall Islands

In 1978 the Marshall Islands in a referendum broke away from the rest of Micronesia and opted for a separate Constitution. In 1979 its Constitution was ratified. The country gained independence and signed a compact of free association with the United States in 1986.

The 1979 constitution provides for a unicameral parliamentary system. However, the President is elected by members of the Nitijela (parliament), and serves as the head of government as well as the head of state. A consultative upper house for traditional leaders known as the Council of Irooj Advises on customary issues.


Members of Nitijela From the Inception

1st - 4th Constitutional Regular Session

 1. H.E. President Amata Kabua  Majuro Atoll
 2. Speaker Atlan Anien  Namu Atoll
 3. Vice Speaker Namo Hermios  Maloelap Atoll
 4. Minister Ataji Balos  Kwajalein Atoll
 5. Minister Kunar Abner  Ailuk Atoll
 6. Minister Wilfred Kendall  Majuro Atoll
 7. Minister Tom Kijjiner  Likiep Atoll
 8. Minister Atjang Paul  Ailinglaplap Atoll
 9. Minister Kessai H Note  Jabot Island
 10. Minister Jina Lavin  Majuro Atoll
 11. Minister Henry Samuel  Majuro Atoll
 12. Minister Ruben Zackhras  Ailinglaplap Atoll
 13. Senator Toke Sawej  Majuro Atoll
 14. Senator Imata Kabua  Kwajalein Atoll
 15. Senator Jolly Lojekar  Kwajalein Atoll
 16. Senator Katip Mack  Arno Atoll
 17. Senator Kanchi Ibbino  Arno Atoll
 18. Senator Carl Heine  Jaluit Atoll
 19. Senator Evelyn Konou  Jaluit Atoll
 20. Senator Alee Alik  Mili Atoll
 21. Senator Ekpap Silk  Ebon Atoll
 22. Senator Pijja Jerwan  Lib Atoll
 23. Senator Andrew Hiseah  Namdrik Atoll
 24. Senator Litokwa Tomeign  Wotje Atoll
 25. Senator Beasa Peter  Aur Atoll
 26. Senator Mwejor Mathusla  Wotho Atoll
 27. Senator Ishmael John  Enewetak & Ujelang Atoll
 28. Senator Henchi Balos  Kili, Bikini & Ejit Atoll
 29. Senator Jeton Anjain  Rongelap Atoll
 30. Senator Report Emius  Mejit Island
 31. Senator Donald Matthew  Utrik Atoll
 32. Senator Jimmy Akeang  Lae Atoll
 33. Senator Calep Rantak  Ujae Atoll

5th - 8th Constitutional Regular Session

1. H.E President Amata Kabua  Majuro Atoll
2. Speaker Atlan Anien  Namo Atoll
3. V-Speaker Andrew Hiseah  Namdrik Atoll
4. Minister Tony deBrum  Majuro Atoll
5. Minister Tom Kijiner  Likiep Atoll
6. Minister Brenson S. Wase  Arno Atoll
7. Minister Kessai H. Note  Jabot Island
8. Minister Charles Domnick  Maloelap Atoll
9. Minister Phillip Muller  Majuro Atoll
10. Minister Ruben Zackhras  Alinglaplap Atoll
11. Minister Kunio Lemari  Wotho Atoll
12. Minister Kunar Abner  Ailuk Atoll
13. Minister Henchi Balos  Kili, Bikini & Ejit Atoll
14. Senator Tipne Philippo  Lae Atoll
15. Senator Chuji Chutaro  Mili Atoll
16. Senator Jeton Anjain  Rongelap Atoll
17. Senator Ataji Balos  Kwajalein Atoll
18. Senator Report Emius  Mejit Island
19. Senator Carl Heine  Jaluit Atoll
20. Senator Henry Samuael   Majuro Atoll
21. Senator Alden Bejang  Lib Atoll
22. Senator Ishmael John  Ujelang/Enewetak Atoll
23. Senator Imata Kabua  Kwajalein Atoll
24. Senator Evelyn Konou  Jaluit Atoll
25. Senator Hermios Kibin  Kwajalein Atoll
26. Senator Hemos A. Jack  Majuro Atoll
27. Senator Christopher J. Loeak  Alinglaplap Atoll
28. Senator Donald Matthew  Utrik Atoll
29. Senator Amsa Jonathan  Aur Atoll
30. Senator Calep Rantak  Ujae Atoll
31. Senator Leikman Robert  Arno Atoll
32. Senator Ekpap Silk  Ebon Atoll
33. Senator Litokwa Tomeing  Wotje Atoll

9th - 12th Constitutional Regular Session

1. H.E President Amata Kabua  Majuro Atoll
2. Speaker Kessai H. Note  Jabot Island
3. V-Speaker Andrew Hiseah  Namdrik Atoll
4. Minister Henchi Balos  Kili, Bikini & Ejit atolls
5. Minister Ruben Zackhras  Alinglaplap Atoll
6. Minister Antonio Eliu  Ujae Atoll
7. Minister Kunio Lemari  Wotho Atoll
8. Minister Amsa Jonathan  Aur Atoll
9. Minister Phillip Muller   Majuro Atoll
10. Minister Tom Kijiner  Likiep Atoll
11. Minister Kunar Abner  Ailuk Atoll
12. Minister Christopher J. Loeak  Alinglaplap Atoll
13. Minister Brenson S. Wase  Arno Atoll
14. Senator Jeton Anjain  Rongelap Atoll
15. Senator Alden Bejang  Lib Atoll
16. Senator Ataji Balos  Kwajalein Atoll
17. Senator Hiroshi Yamamura  Utrik Atoll
18. Senator Report Hemius  Mejit Island
19. Senator Carl Heine  Jaluit Atoll
20. Senator Hemos A. Jack   Majuro Atoll
21. Senator Ishmael John   Ujelang & Enewetak Atoll
22. Senator Evelyn Konou  Jaluit Atoll
23. Senator Hermios Kibin  Kwajalein Atoll
24. Senator Lomes McKay  Maloelap Atoll
25. Senator Ring Eliu  Lae Atoll
26. Senator Tony deBrum  Majuro Atoll
27. Senator Alee Alik   Mili Atoll
28. Senator Leikman Robert  Arno Atoll
29. Senator Henry Samuel  Majuro Atoll
30. Senator Atlan Anien  Namu Atoll
31. Senator Imata Kabua  Kwajalein Atoll
32. Senator Michael Kabua  Ebon Atoll
33. Senator Litokwa Tomeing  Wotje Atoll