Honorable Jejwarick H. Anton
Vice Speaker of Nitijela

The Office of the Vice Speaker assists the Office of the Speaker in the discharge of functions accorded to the Office of the Speaker under the Constitution and the Rules of Procedures of the Nitijela.

Whenever the Vice Speaker is unable to perform any of his or her duties, the Clerk will assume such responsibilities.

Vice Speakers' Profiles:

Current Vice Speaker of Nitijela

The Honorable Jejwarick H. Anton

Date of Birth: April 08, 1953
Place of Birth: Arno Arno Atoll, RMI
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Sumiko Hirata
Children: 5
Nationality: Marshallese
Church Affiliation: Available soon
Language: English & Marshallese


1974 to 1975 - Certicate at Community College of Micronesia (CCM)
1972 to 1973 - Diplomate at Marshall Islands High School (MIHS)
1969 to 1971 - Calvary Bible Institute (CBI) 
Present --------- Elected Vice Speaker of Nitijela
1996 to 2011 - Elected Mayor of Arno Atoll Local Government/Chair all meetings
1983 to 1989 - RMI Headstart Program Laboratory Technician
1990 to 1995 - Government Projects Coordinator/Manager
Reading Marshallese legends and history;
Coaching baseball & volleyball teams
To improve the quality of life in the Republic of the Marshall Islands by developing projects that can provide increased local abundance and livelihood opportunities.